Digital personal assistant
Dipa – is a corporate AI platform and an intellectual enterprise solution, based on NLU technologies. The platform refers to the IPA software (Intelligence Process Automation) and consists of personal micro services for employees and clients.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Supports your employees when they switch to working from home. Makes their lives more comfortable and happy
Increase of efficiency
Increases your business efficiency and effectiveness, as well as the speed of business processes
Save the time
Saves up to 80% of time spent by employees in IT systems
Decrease of expences
Significantly decreases the level of IT support expenses, salary and training expenses
Dipa is integrated with ITSM systems or even can solve simple IT incidents itself working 24x7. It can include an operator into a user dialog if needed. You don't need to wait in call center queue, neither right an IT ticket and wait for a reply. Dipa is solving users' issues online.
The single point of contact
Dipa makes the user interaction with IT systems' landscape (SAP, Oracle, 1C, CRM, MS office, etc.) easier and more user friendly
IT support and call-centers optimization
Analytical dashboard
Dipa provides an analytical business processes dashboard that brings all "bottle necks" to the table and supports management decisions (conduct user training, automate process steps, implement RPA, etc.)
Organizational change management and user adoption
Dipa is a good tool for organizational change management and user adoption within different types of transformation programs. It can conduct pulse-checks surveys and significantly supports user communications.
By having the dialog with a user, DIPA supports him in his daily routine, answers questions on business processes, provides required information and supports operations in IT systems.
And thanks to smooth integration makes ERP transactions instead of a user (e.g., enter a purchase request, track the status, download a report, create a contract, etc.) The user doesn't have to switch between different IT systems anymore, many steps can be done through the Dipa interface.
Digital assistant Dipa:
Digital platform Dipa:
easy to use

our client doesn't need advanced programmers to support the platform

provides ready-to-use APIs to many IT systems

has pre-build skills (functional blocks) that you just need to activate

always provides support by the vendor

is never tired

works 24/7-365

helps a user faster then his colleagues

easy to implement and scale (e.g. in pandemic times, new IT system's launch, etc.)

doesn't make mistakes caused by human factor

significantly increases the level of user experience and releases time for employees for creative and more interesting tasks
In your laptop and smartphones. Dipa works with all open messengers.
We also have our own vidget.
In voice and smart columns
Яндекс. Алиса
SAP Add-on certification at SAP Integration and Certification Center. We are the only IPA software on the Russian market that has official global certification by SAP.
Easy-to-use platform for managing projects, skills and analytics. You can develop your own skills, microservices and other platform functionalities.
More then 15 years of experience in digital projects and consulting.
Ready-to-use skills
Natural language
Thanks to highly developed NLU technologies and machine learning we have the best-in-class natural language, that understands both business and IT language.
Our advantages
Proactive communications
Push- and proactive communication with users.
Dipa remembers communication with users for the next sessions. You don't need to repeat your preferences many times.
Ready-to-use skills and unique database with FAQ on different business processes (HR, CRM, ERP, etc.). The skills are easy to activate, you don't need to develop them all from scratch.
Wide range of analytical tools. Dipa gathers business processes analytics, detects the bottle-necks and draws attention of management to the needed solution.
Flexible architecture. We can be both in cloud or on-prem.
Very short implementation and platform's learning.
Ready-to-use APIs for rapid integration with many IT systems, starting from SAP and other ERP and heavy production solutions, as well as RPA solutions.
Multilingual and omni channel communication
Short implementation
Omni channel
in digotal projects
since 2014 года
Users were trained in class
over 400 000
Users were trained on-line
About us
Expertise in all industries
We support employees on their way through digitalization and transformation programs: teach them new IT systems and business processes, provide IT support and organizational change management services
Wide experience in Russia, CIS and global market
over 70 000
    All our knowledge was accumulated within our digital platform – your digital personal assistant Dipa.
Our team
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Elena Volkova

Elena has more then 15 years of experience in global gidital transformation programs. She was the first who brought organizational change management for IT projects on the Russian market. She leads her business since 2012.

  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Linguists
  • Python and NLU developers
  • SAP developers
  • Integration developers
Tatiana Kozub

Tatiana has more then 15 years of experience leading her own business. She has been working with major Russian companies. She wrote the book "360 degrees assessment" in 2009 and brought many services to HR market.
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